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Version 0.921 , Nov. 27, 2005

I'd like to introduce nice night views where I went in past.
(Although some my colleagues kided me that my riding up tower's observatory at my age, I am proud of my eagerness for enjoying these nightviews. :-))
I hope add your travel plan, biz-trip or honeymoon and enjoy your night sightseeing.
Admission fee is for adult as of Nov. 2005.

[Safety information] I added safety information in this time. This is aimed to people who are not accustomed to traveling in night time. Basically the all following places are famous place in each city, therefore I think there is no dangerous situation, but as usually being said, please take care your safety by yourself.

Visit also Yamadaland Travel. You can enjoy more pictures.

Paris (France)

Paris View from Tour Montparnasse.
 Above link gives you detail information.
 23:30 close (22:30(Oct-Mar.))
Map (leaflet)
[Safety information] Montparnasse station is one of Paris' terminal station, therefore it is o.k. to take care usual traveller's attention. Open space of top floor is relatively , sometimes, only a few people is visiting. In that case, it is better to take care especially you are woman alone.
There are many  Bldgs. or tower in Paris city, so you can enjoy to ride up the others, too.

Nice (France)

Nice  Place Massena
 No admission.
 Map. (lonely planet.com) Slightly south-east from center. There is description of Place Massena.
[Safety information] These area is good oversee area. Therefore, it will be no problem, not in too late time.

Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfult View from Main Tower
  (I forgot exactly whether this tower is the place I visited, then I've reached it by means of web searching. )
 Admission fee is 4.5EUR. (as of 2003).
 The way to go and Map [PDF].
[Safety information] Some streets does not seem to be safe. But if only you choice bright and broad streat, it will be no problem.

Stuttgart (Germany)

Shuttgart  Schlossplatz (nearby Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof.)
 No admission.
 Map. (lonleyplant.com)

London (UK)

London View from London Eye  (near by Waterloo station of London underground.)
  You can find the map to go here above link.
 11.5 GBP for 30 Min. (one round.)
  Map: Click "location map" on this link.

Hong Kong (China)

HongKong View from Victoria Peak.
 It is convinient to go by taxi (Not so expensive if you get on from Hong Kong island side , although I forgot the fee.)
Travelers from world wide are going to take nice pictures, and they are trying to have best position. Please keep it in your mind  to wait for about an hour to get better position.

Shanghai (China)

Shanghai View from Oriental Pearl TV tower.
Many guidebook indicates the way to go, therefore let me omit it.
Address; 2 Lane 504 Jujiazui Road, Pu Dong District. Shanghai, 200120 China.
Admission Fee: RMB50-100.(Relatively expensive!)

Beijing (China)

Beijing  Beijing main station.
 Of course no admission fee.
[Safety information] On Friday evening, many people who is going to back to hometown fill around the station. Some people may behave cuirious action to you, please take care for them.
(No need to excessive taking care.)

Dallas, TX (US)

Dallas View from Reunion Tower.
Reunion Tower in Dallas down town, nearby Amtrack Union Station..It is a part of HYATT Regency(?) There are viewsight restaurant "Antares", "The Dome Lounge" and  "observation deck" (1$(US)).
 Tel : +1(214)712-7145

Singapore (Singapore)

Singapore Merlion
[Admission] Zero
[Way to go] Walk 10min. from MRT Raffles Place station. (NS26/WE14)
[Safety infomation] No need to care.
From here, you can enjoy a night view of Esplanade Theatres on the bay, too.

These information are distributed from Japan.
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